Thank you for being here! I’m pretty excited to get this blog off the ground, as it’s something I’ve thought about doing for quite some time. I hope you find it interesting and useful at the same time.

For those that do not know me, I’m a guy living in Spring Branch, making the daily trek to my office in downtown SA. I’ve been practicing law for 26 years, with 22 of those in the field of criminal law. Most of my work has been in federal criminal courts, but I’ve done my fair share in state courts as well.

My hope for this blog is that it be one of the vehicles of wisdom we all hope comes our way. Not that I’m particularly wise, but I do think that sharing thoughts and considering the events of the day help us get a little further down the path.

You won’t see a restatement of cases issued by the Fifth Circuit. Rather, my goal is to select and comment on unique cases that merit particular attention; cases that change the way we’ve seen the law, or cases that spur thought about how we may approach an issue differently. I’ll be looking for interesting motions and orders filed in Texas federal district courts, and any other news pertinent to Texas federal criminal practice.

Please feel free to reach out to me with your thoughts, contributions, and suggestions, as we all benefit from each other. Salud!